The Italian-Polish project involves following persons:


nomultithumbBarone Germana Maria

I am researcher at the University of Catania and senior lecturer in ‘Mineral geo-resources and mineralogical and petrographic applications for the environment and the cultural heritage' at the faculty of Mathematical, Physical And Natural Sciences of the University of Catania.


nomultithumbBogacki Miron

I am photographer and archaeologist. I have been educated and I work at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. I participated in many archaeological excavations in Poland and abroad (Peru, Lebanon, Libya, Italy, Russia and Ukraine).

nomultithumbBursche Aleksander

I am a specialist in the field of ancient numismatic and relationships between Classical World and Barbarians. My interests concern also popularisation and public relations in archaeology, cultural heritage management as well as experimental archaeology.

nomultithumbChowaniec Roksana

I work as assistant professor in Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. My interests concern archaeology of Roman Sicily, relationships between Classical World and Barbarians, and popularisation and education in archaeological heritage.

nomultithumbChrzanovski Laurent

I am an archaeologist, specialized in the field of illumination techniques and artefacts. I made my PhD at the University of Lausanne and Postoctoral Studies at the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Cluj-Napoca branch.

nomultithumbFituła Marta

I have been educated at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. Since 2011 I prepare my Ph.D. thesis about Neolithic of Eastern Sicily. I also participated in Post graduated Artistic School at Warsaw in the field of interior design.


nomultithumbGręzak Anna

I am an archaeologist and I work at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, in the Department of   Bioarchaeology. My research projects are related to meat diet, animal husbandry. I work on identification of osteological materials recovered during excavation projects in Roman colony of Balaklava in Crimea, and Roman military camp in Novae, Bulgaria and Akrai in Sicily.

nomultithumbGuzzardi Lorenzo

I am archaeologist and my researches are dedicated to the prehistoric and classical archaeology of Sicily and Calabria. The second topic of interests is related to Noto and Noto Antica. I have been educated at Università degli Studi di Catania, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia.

matera-marcin.jpgMatera Marcin

In 2004 I have obtained M.A. concerned on Roman imperial fleet. Since 2005 I work at the Department of History of Ancient Material Culture at the Institute of Archaeology University of Warsaw.


Mazzoleni Paolo

I am graduate in Geology at the University of Catania, I work as associate Professor in the scientific sector GEO/09 at the Faculty of Mathematical Physical and Natural Sciences where he has lectured numerous courses in petrography (GEO07) and applied petrography (GEO09).


misiewicz-krzysztof.jpgMisiewicz Krzysztof

I have been graduated at Warsaw University. I have done my postgraduate studies at University of Warsaw, Faculty of History and Geology (specialization archaeological geophysics). Since 2009 I am a professor at the Laboratory of Applied Sciences.


wicek-tomasz.jpgWięcek Tomasz

I have studied at Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. My interests are focused on ancient numismatics (Greek, Roman, early byzantine and a little Celtic). I am PhD student in Antiquities of Southeastern Europe Research Centre.

wiesaw-wickowski.jpgWięckowski Wiesław

Since 2007 I work as an assistant professor at the Department of Paleolithic and Mesolithic Archaeology and Department of Biorachaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw.

zakrzewski-piotr.jpgZakrzewski Piotr

In 2005-2011 I studied in the Institute of Archeology, University of Warsaw, Poland. My MA thesis was dedicated to new methods and technologies in archaeological researches (Digital terrain models in archaeological practice of last years).




dr Roksana Chowaniec
assistant professor

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