Fituła Marta

b_250_200_16777215_00___images_biogramy_fitua-marta.jpgI have been educated at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. Since 2011 I prepare my Ph.D. thesis about Neolithic of Eastern Sicily. I also participated in Post graduated Artistic School at Warsaw in the field of interior design and in 2000 in West London Business College.
I have been participating in many archaeological expeditions (Palazzolo Acreide, Portopalo, Fiumedinisi, Casmene all in Sicily, and as well in Novae, Bulgaria and some archaeological sites in Poland). I took a part in few conferences, where I presented papers and posters (last one: poster New, prehistoric finds from Costa dei Grani (Noto), Study Convention: Before Thapsos, Museum P. Orsi, Syracuse, paper SiciliAntica Association and its activities for the popularization of education and archeology, International Conference: Archaeological Heritage. Methods of Education and Popularization, Warsaw, both in December 2011). Because I live in Noto, Sicily I also cooperate with Museum in Noto and Superintendent BB.CC.AA. of Syracuse. I am member of SiciliAntica, Association for Protection and Enhancement of Cultural and Rural Heritage.

Selected recent publications
1. New prehistoric findings from Costa dei Grani (Noto), (in:) Before Thapsos, Sicily Centre Eastern final between the Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age, Proceedings of the Conference of Studies 16 to 17 December 2011 (in press).
2. Glass bracelets from Chelm- Bielawin site, Archeologia Polski-Środkowo Wschodniej, 2010.
3. The prayers of the Cyclops: rituals and beliefs in prehistoric Sicily, La Gazzetta di Noto, 2006.

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