Archaeological Methods

Total stations measurements of all structures on the site. Fot. Bogacki M.The Akrai researches started from the non-invasive investigations (survey, aerial photography, geophysical analyses and measurements). All works have to bring the knowledge as big as it could be possible before beginning of excavations. The methodology of exploration of Akrai involves the processing and interpretation of satellite and aerial photos, the application of geophysical measurements, as well as the use of the best geodetic apparatus (total stations and RTK GPS) for the global satellite and land positioning. Based on these data it was possible to create a numerical model/geospatial base of the archaeological site.

Field-survey, October 2010. Fot. Chowaniec R.


Additionally the field survey done in 2010 helps us to answer on the questions related to the chora of Akrai, as well as to describe the relations of ancient town with other settlements in the neighborhood. Using the RTK GPS, on the satellite map have been marked a discovered archaeological sites. The pottery and small finds have been registered.



Archaeological excavations in progress. Fot. Chowaniec R.


During the excavations the stratigraphic method is used. We are also using a metal detectors every day, especially at the beginning and at the end of the work’ day. We prepare registrations of stratigraphic units, constructions, features, ecofacts, finds, etc. Everything is located in 3D.



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