The students and volunteers program of excavations in Akrai is open now. Everybody who wants to take a part in researches has to send an application and requested files.
The volunteers and students will join in many aspects of the archaeological fieldwork under the direction of a staff, who has wide field experience and advanced academic training in classical archaeology. The volunteers and students will be trained in drawings, cleaning and investigating stratigraphy, washing of pottery and describing the artifacts. They will participate in excavations.

We also organize few visits in other archaeological sites.

  During the working day on the site. Fot. Chowaniec R. Work in progress. New technologies are welcome. Fot. Bogacki M. Excursion for students. Here in Agrigento. Fot. Belicki K.









Applicants have to send e-mail on contact mail, by March 30th.
Minimum Length of Stay: 4 weeks
Experience Required: study in archaeology

It is very welcome to participate in course of archaeology of Greek and Roman Sicily and classical archaeology.

The students and volunteers application:  .doc / .pdf


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