Chowaniec Roksana

b_250_200_16777215_00___images_biogramy_chowaniec-roksana.jpgI work as assistant professor in Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. My interests concern archaeology of Roman Sicily, relationships between Classical World and Barbarians, and popularisation and education in archaeological heritage, as well as cultural heritage management. I participate in many scientific projects (e.g. NETConnect: Connecting European Culture through New Technology” in the frames of UE-Programme „Culture 2000”; Annona militaris i pastus militum and Novae. Roman legionary camp and late roman town. Fortifications, both leaded by prof. Tadeusz Sarnowski).

At the moment I direct also following projects: Archaeological non-invasive investigations and excavations in Akrai, Sicily, Italy (2011-2013) - a grant of National Science Centre, Roman house in Greek Akrai (Sicily) (2011/03/B/HS3/00567) - a grant of National Science Centre. I am director of excavations in Akrai. 

I participate in many archaeological expeditions (Novae, Bulgaria; Tanais, Russia) and also I direct the archaeological project (non-invasive investigations, survey,  excavations) in Akrai, Sicily. I strongly cooperate with Facultat de Pedagogia Universitat de Barcelona, Spain as well as with Servizio Beni Archeologici della Soprintendenza di Siracusa. I also organize Archaeological Festivals in Biskupin, Poland in cooperation of Archaeological Museum in Biskupin.

Selected recent publications
1. Chowaniec R. (in coll. K. Misiewicz, W. Małkowski,) Acrae antica alla luce di indagini non invasive, Journal of Ancient Topography (Rivista di Topografia Antica) XIX, 2009 (2010), p. 121-138.

2. Chowaniec R. (with coll. M. Matera, T. Więcek), Rapporto preliminare della campagna di prospezioni-survey a territorio acrense (Sicilia, Ottobre 2010), Warszawa 2010.

3. Chowaniec R., Misiewicz K., Non-invasive researches in Palazzolo Acreide (ancient Akrai), Sicily, Archeologia 59, 2008 (2010), p. 173-186.

4. Chowaniec R., Palazzolo Acreide, ancient Acrae, Sicily, Italy in 2009 and 2010, Światowit, fasc. A. Mediterranean and Non-European Archaeology VIII (XLIX), 2009-2010, p. 169-171.

5. Chowaniec R., Wyspa Greków, Rzymian i polskich archeologów. Wędrówki po południowo-wschodniej Sycylii, Z Bliska i Daleka. Rocznik popularno-naukowy Instytutu Archeologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego nr 1, 2011, p. 36-41.

6. Chowaniec R., Archaeology on the Web. Educating children and youth though internet portals, (in:) Archaeological Heritage: Methods of Education and Popularization, Chowaniec R., Więckowski W. (ed.), BAR International Series 2443, Oxford 2012, s. 37-41.

7. Chowaniec R., Guzzardi L., Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy. Excavations in 2011, Światowit, fasc. A. Mediterranean and Non-European Archaeology IX (L), fasc. A. 2011, Warszawa 2012, s. 169-172.

8. Chowaniec Roksana, (with coll. Tomasz Więcek, Monika Rekowska, Renata Kucharczyk, Marcin Matera, Urszula Wicenciak), Rapporto preliminare della campagna di scavi a Palazzolo Acreide (2012), Warszawa-Siracusa 2012.

9. Więcek T., Chowaniec R., Guzzardi L., Greek Akrai and Roman Acrae. New numismatic evidence. Polish-Italian archaeological excavations 2011-2012, Archeologia 2010 (2012) in press.


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dr Roksana Chowaniec
assistant professor

Institute of Archaeology
University of Warsaw
Krakowskie Przedmiescie 26/28
PL 00-927 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 5522827
fax.+48 22 5522801
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