Monika Stobiecka

b_250_200_16777215_00___images_biogramy_462_z_423_2.jpg I received MA in History of Art and MA in Archaeology from the University of Warsaw. Currently I am a PhD student at the Faculty of „Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw, where I am preparing a thesis on the status of archaeological artifacts in museums. 

My research interests are focused on museum studies, methodology in humanities and theory of archaeology. I have been awarded with a grant given by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (project: „New technologies for the documentation of archaeological excavations. Ancient town of Akrai, south-eastern Sicily”, 2014-2016) and a scholarship given by Lanckoroński Foundation (research stay in London, 2016). As a member of Akrai mission I am responsible for inventory of artifacts and for elaboration of small finds made of stone.

I have delivered papers on following international conferences: Nordic TAG 2015 (Copenhagen University), TAG 2016 (University of Southampton), TAG 2017 (Cardiff University), 2nd Annual Memory Studies Association Conference (Copenhagen University), CAA 2018 (University of Tuebingen).

Selected bibliography:

Stobiecka M., Uncovering the discovered view. The workshop for modern archaeological documentation, w: Unveiling the past of an ancient town. Akrai/Acrea in south-eastern Sicily, ed. R. Chowaniec, Warsaw 2015, pp. 101-110.

Stobiecka M., Entangled Objects: The Place of Archaeological Artifacts in Past Collections and its Influence on Modern Archaeological Museums, "Brukentalia. Romanian Cultural History Review. Supplement of Brukenthal. Acta Musei” 6, 2016, pp. 675-693.

Stobiecka M., „Blurred Relations”. The Aesthetics, Archaeology and Exhibitions, "Sztuka i filozofia” 48, 2018, [in press]

Stobiecka M., Digital Escapism. How Do Objects Become Deprived of Matter, "Journal of Contemporary Archaeology” [in press]

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