In October 2009 an expedition from the Institute of Archaeology University of Warsaw, began first step of research in Palazzolo Acreide. This non-destructive survey has been possible thanks to an agreement with Soprintendenza dei Beni Culturali e Ambientali di Siracusa, in the person of Dr. Lorenzo Guzzardi, Director of Servizio Beni Archeologici. The first season of researches has been possible thanks to bailout of Rector of University of Warsaw, as well as private founds of team members.

Between 27th of September and 25th of October 2009 the team from Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw, has took the first step of non-destructive investigations in Palazollo Acreide:

1.  measurements survey using laser and digital technologies. We prepare contour line map of the archaeological site. This step was done with using of laser theodolite and laser tachimeter (Total Station and GPS RTK systems). It is possible to generate the 3D model of area. The computer application for measurement and control (CAMAC) rest on making the measurements each 2 meters (on the area of site) and 5 meters (around the site), in parallel lines, run from west to east and south to north. These measurements give us possibility to localize the archaeological artifacts and archaeological remains according to Geographical Information System (GIS) in the future excavations.

2.  the analyzes of the satellite images (including the near infra red channel and also the natural colors) provided answers concerning the humidity of the subsurface layers. Satellite images should be a starting point for the numeric maps.

3.  surface survey (field walking) with GPS localization of artifacts (according to prepared contour line map of the archaeological site). We started to search area which is closed to archaeological site, especially on the west zone of the Akrai.

4.  The collected data (measurement points, maps, images, field databases) will be process to construct a GIS (Geographical Information System) model, based on the AutoCAD software.

5.  We prepared 1500 air-photos, which give the excellent view on the area as well as assist to plan future excavations. We took pictures from the kite, controlled by computer and radio signals. But the weather was not windy, therefore in next year we would like to take photo from balloon. According to the photo we create few 3D models of site.

6.  Geophysical Prospection (such as magnetic survey). Geophysical project has been conceived to get information on topics connected to the following problems:

● presence of underground voids and structures;

● recognition of the are with their geophysical characterization;

● the surveys have been supported by a detailed topographic digital relief.

We find the most interesting area to do the excavation researches in proximate years. We also think it is necessary to continue surface survey on the are of Akrai, to find the neighborhood of the town Akrai in Roman time, when town did not play such same rule like a sub-colony of Syracuse in the Greek time. According to this we think to prepare series of balloon photos, not on the site but in surroundings area.


3D model with terrain (drawn by Chowaniec R.)Map and 3D model of value of the vertical component of the vector of total strength of the magnetic field, in NW part of researches (created by Misiewicz K.)Aerial photo shows localizations of main archaeological structures (fot. Bogacki M.)












The survey in 2009 has been possible thanks to the grant of the Rectors of the University of Warsaw, Prof. Katarzyna Chałasińska–Macukow and Prof. Włodzimierz Lengauer.


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