Aerial Photography

The next stage of non-destructive investigation was making a series of kite photographs by M. Bogacki.

Miron Bogacki and aerial photography (fot. Bogacki M.)



In sum over 1000 photographs were taken from the altitude of up to 300 metres. Thanks to a radio transmitter it was possible while taking the photographs to monitor the image from a camera on the ground. The airborne digital camera was tilted and rotated and positioned to take photographs from any angle as well as vertical photographs.

The beautiful view of Palazzolo Acreide (fot. Bogacki M.)
Thanks to a special frame suspended on a line under the kite the photographer was able to have wireless control over the camera. Observing the image on the monitor of the control desk he could rotate the reflex camera around its axis and incline it upwards and downwards. The result of work with this piece of equipment is a series of vertical and oblique photographs. During fieldwork made at Akrai a larger kite was used, suited to a weaker wind. Thanks to a more than 600 metres’ line the kite could raise the camera to an altitude of 3 to 350 metres.





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