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b_250_200_16777215_00___images_biogramy_bursche-aleksander.jpgI am a specialist in the field of ancient numismatic and relationships between Classical World and Barbarians. My interests concern also popularisation and public relations in archaeology, cultural heritage management as well as experimental archaeology. I published 3 books and more than 150 papers and reviews. I am A.v. Humboldt-Research Fellow (Frankfurt am Main), Research Fellow at Wolfson College (Oxford), Research Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, correspondent member of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), vice-president of the Scientific Board of the Science-Centre “Copernicus” in Warsaw and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin. Since 1980 I am affiliated at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. I have been also visiting professor at the Institute of Archaeology, Christian-Albrecht University in Kiel (Germany) and advisory editor of “Antiquity” (Cambridge, UK) and currently of “The Journal of the Archaeological Numismatics” (Brussels). I have participated in many international scientific projects like: “Atlas of Greek and Roman World” (coordinated by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Princeton), Groupement de Recherche Européen: “Trouvailles monétaires” (coordinated by CNRS in Paris) or „NETConnect: Connecting European Culture through New Technology” in the frames of UE-Programme „Culture 2000” (coordinated by Calabria University, cf. www.netconnect-project.eu). I am also a initiator and organiser of the 16 Archaeological Festivals in Biskupin, Poland, one of the greatest cultural heritage event in Europe sponsored by EC, chief consultant of the multimedia historical education project “News from the World”, prod. 1st Program of Polish TV (TVP), author of conception and chief-consultant of the education serial “Searchers of lost civilisations” for the 1st Program of Polish TV in co-production with the Ministry of Culture & Heritage.

Selected recent publications
1. Germanic gold bracteates from the hoard in Zagórzyn near Kalisz, (in:) Byzantine Coins in Central Europe between the 5th and 10th Century, M. Wołoszyn (ed.), Moravia Magna, Seria Polona vol. III, Kraków 2009, p. 133-153.
2. Unique Roman gold coins and medallions in the collection of the National Museum of Ukrainian History in Kyïv, Polish Numismatic News VIII, 2009, p. 167-181.
3. More recent evidence on the Dancheny-Brangstrup horizon, (in:) International Conference “Inter ambo maria. Contacts between Scandinavia and Crimea in the Roman Period”, October, 21-25, 2010, Gaspra, Crimea, Ukraine, I. Kharpunov (ed.), Simeropol 2010, p. 18-27.
4. Coins, (in:) Wealth and Prestige. An Analysis of Rich Graves from Late Roman Iron Age on Eastern Zealand, Denmark L. Boye, U. Lund Hansen (eds.), Studier i Astronomi • Nyere Tid • Arkæologi II, Kroppedal 2010, p. 185-192.
5. (with T. Więcek), Roman gold coins and medallions, pierced or looped, from the collections of the National Museum of Ukrainian History in Kyϊv, Wiadomości Numizmatyczne LIV, 2010, p. 193-224.
6. Roman coins from the bog sacrifice at Illerup Ådal, Jutland (DK), (in:) I Workshop Internazionalle di Numismatica. Numismatica e archeologia. Monete, stratigrafie e contesti. Dati a confronto, Roma, 28-30 settembre 2011, G. Pardini (ed.), Roma 2011, p. 229-237.
7. Die Münzen, Illerup Ådal 14, Århus 2011.

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