Bogacki Miron

b_250_200_16777215_00___images_biogramy_bogacki-miron.jpgI am photographer and archaeologist. I have been educated and I work at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw. I participated in many archaeological excavations in Poland and abroad (Peru, Lebanon, Libya, Italy, Russia and Ukraine). My photos were published in many books and journals, for example in National Geographic. My main interest is photography and photogrammetry as a tools for archaeology. I also take the air-photos and I use different kinds unmanned flying machines like kites and balloons. In addition to photographic activity I am also a lecturer on photography classes at the Institute of Archaeology.

Selected recent publications
1. Bogacki M., Ptolemais zaginione miasto w Libii. Ptolemais a lost city in Libya. Warszawa 2011.
2. Bogacki M., Giersz, M., Prządka-Giersz P., Małkowski W., Misiewicz K., GPS RTK Mapping, Kite Aerial Photogrammetry, Geophysical Survey and GIS Based Analysis of Surface Artifact Distribution at the Pre-Hispanic
Site of the Castillo de Huarmey, North Coast of Peru, (in:) R. Reuter (ed.), Remote Sensing for Science, Education, and Natural and Cultural Heritage, Paris 2010, p.121-130.
3. Bogacki M., Małkowski W., Misiewicz K., Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) as a tool for completing GIS models. Ptolemais (Libya) case study. (in:) R. Lasaponara, N. Massini (eds.), Remote sensing for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management, Rome 2008, p. 329-333.
4. Mikocki T., Bogacki M., Małkowski W., Misiewicz K., Muszyńska M., Multimethodological approach to the study
of ancient city planning the case of Ptolemais in Cyrenaica, Libya, Archaeological Prospection, Studijne Zvesti Archaeologickeho Ustavu Slovenskej Akademie Vied 2008, p. 117-119.

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