Więcek Tomasz

b_250_200_16777215_00___images_biogramy_wicek-tomasz.jpgMy interests are focused on ancient numismatics (Greek, Roman, early Byzantine). I am PhD student in Antiquities of Southeastern Europe Research Centre. I work in Staff and Distinctions Office, Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.
I have participated in many archaeological excavations in Poland (Paleolithic site, Komarowa Cave; Late medieval/modern royal Palace of Wilanow, Warsaw; Celtic enclave of Malopolska Region surveys (i.e. settlements of Pelczyska, Nieprowice); Celtic settlement, Nowa Cerekwia; La Tene/Roman period cemetery, Golebiewo) and abroad (Late Minoan settlement Thronos, Crete, Greece; Roman defense structures Inkerman/Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine; Balaklava Valley/ Alushta surveys, Crimea, Ukraine; Roman legionary camp, Novae, Bulgaria; Greek/Roman town of Acrae, Sicily, Italy; Anapo-Tellaro survey, Sicily, Italy). I also work in different scientific projects, for example King`s Stanislaus August Poniatowski collection of ancient coins, Kiev, Ukraine or Roman coins collection, Kaliningrad, Russia. My hobbies it is collecting of the archaeological books and periodicals, war-time stories, II WW underground polish state.

Selected recent publications

1. (with A. Bursche), Roman gold coins and medallions, pierced or looped, from the collections of the National Museum of Ukrainian History in Kyϊv, Wiadomości Numizmatyczne LIV, 2010, p. 193-224.

2. (with Chowaniec R., Matera M.), Rapporto preliminare della campagna di prospezioni-survey a territorio acrense (Sicilia, Ottobre 2010), Warszawa 2010.

3. (with Chowaniec R., in coll. Monika Rekowska, Renata Kucharczyk, Marcin Matera, Urszula Wicenciak), Rapporto preliminare della campagna di scavi a Palazzolo Acreide (2012), Warszawa-Siracusa 2012.

4. Więcek T., Chowaniec R., Guzzardi L., Greek Akrai and Roman Acrae. New numismatic evidence. Polish-Italian archaeological excavations 2011-2012, Archeologia 2010 (2012) in press.


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dr Roksana Chowaniec
assistant professor

Institute of Archaeology
University of Warsaw
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