Sicily as the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, always has been localized on the crossroads, which join Europe with Africa, East with West, and the Greek with the Latin worlds.


Even though between Sicily and Apennines Peninsula only a Straits of Messina exists, Sicily is not the island just because activity of nature, but because from the beginning of her history, which presents an fascination of the cultural variety, and the rules of ongoing life yesterday and the day before were here the same as three thousand years ago, the same as a century ago. Because the Past hasn’t been forgotten (...) Antiquity, modern times and today have been melted into a single amalgam here in Sicily as Marlena de Blasi wrote in her book That Summer in Sicily, 2008.


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With reference to words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for in Sicily lies the key to everything, the archaeological researches and great adventure have been started here in Autumn 2008.

The ancient town Akrai has become a field for the fruitful international cooperation.



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